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September 1, 2009
By Patricia Adams, BS, CNC, NHC, NE

If we ever hope to fix this planet, "We The People" need to say something more than "Baaaaa..."

There are extremists on one side of the CODEX issue who say the 'sky is falling', and that after December 31, 2009 we will no longer have access to vitamins and supplements. There are extremists on the other side who say, "This is America, and there's no way we can lose that freedom." The truth is somewhere between those two. We aren't going to lose access to natural remedies or keep access to natural remedies without more input from both sides. When congress reconvenes after summer break, Beth Clay is going to present stacks of petitions from 'we the people' telling congress that in America we want freedom to choose.

Right now DSHEA, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 protects our health freedom. We now have access to dietary supplements, classified as foods. Under CODEX 'risk assessment' we would only be allowed 1/100th of an effective dose. Right now we're under Common Law, which states, "What is not forbidden is permitted." If CODEX passes as written, we will be under Napoleonic law; "What is not permitted is forbidden." God help us defeat this Nazi conceived idea.

Please sign and fax the enclosed petition to Beth Clay, or send them to us to fax for you. Let's let congress know that we're not willing to give up one more freedom! Fax to Beth Clay; 1-202-318-7557.

To really impact the Health Freedom fight, take a minute to donate to the Health Freedom Fund.

NEW CHILDREN'S LINE! On a brighter note, Nature's Sunshine released a completely reformulated and great tasting "Super Heroes" children's line at convention in Las Vegas last week, including a Multi Vitamin/Mineral gummy chew, a high DHA Omega 3 gummy chew, a Whole Food Papayazyme digestive enzyme tablet chew, a Probiotic Power tablet chew with eleven strains of a billion organisms, a Whole Food Antioxidant gummy chew, along with a Calcium/vitamin D gummy chew! These pectin chews are much healthier than gelatin gummy chews that stick to the teeth, turn hard, and can only hold minimal amounts of vital nutrients. You will love the new taste and flavors!

Each Super Heroes supplement comes in a base called "Protector Shield", which includes 17 fruits and veggies, with superfoods like Mangosteen and Açaí, as well as 10 essential amino acids, plus choline for brain health plus inositol for cell-to-cell communication! In real life you can't just push the reset button when your kids get sick, and in our 'Fast Food Nation' our kids think the four food groups are French Fries, Cold Cereal, Candy and Chocolate Syrup. If you ate only a pop tart for breakfast you wouldn't feel like running a marathon or sitting still in class either! Eat a high protein breakfast and fill in the dietary gaps with Super Heroes from Nature's Sunshine.

There are cool T-shirts with colors that turn brilliant in the sun, insulated lunch bags, and pocket containers to take Super Heroes on the go. Plus Nature's Sunshine gives a portion of all Super Heroes proceeds to help children all over the planet, even building schools in Mali, Africa, where there is 27-45% illiteracy. Way to go Nature's Sunshine! It's nice to know that when you give your children their vitamins you'll be helping a child who is far less fortunate.

REFORMULATED WEIGHT LOSS: For all you who loved the old Metabomax formula there is Metabomax Plus, with a responsible dose of natural caffeine from Yerba Mate and Guarana, (like ½ cup of coffee). If you don't like caffeine, there is Metabomax Free, which still includes the decaffeinated green tea extract and everything but the Yerba Mate and Guarana. Metabostart, a new pre-packaged two-week program, includes 7-Keto and CLA. Nature's Sunshine was way ahead of its time with these formulas, and current research verifies that these ingredients combined are a powerful weight loss protocol. Note: Metabostart contains Metabomax Plus (caffeine). Carbo Grabbers now contains food bound chromium.

NEW PROTEIN SOURCE: Yellow Pea Protein is the latest rage, Love and Peas formula is the Vegan Certified combination of Adzuki bean and yellow pea. This protein is the perfect choice for controlling chronic kidney disease with hypertension according to studies from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. This is a nice alternative to whey, and is certainly better than soy protein powder. Love and Peas has no glucose, is dairy and allergy-free with effective amounts of flax and borage oil (as opposed to just enough to put on the label) and contains no gluten!

REFORMULATED NUTRIBURN: Now Nutriburn is lactose free! Nutriburn was always cross-filtered and micro filtered, but now is even more filtered! It is the highest quality, most filtered whey protein on the planet. Still containing the fat burners and muscle builders, Nutriburn is smoother and better tasting, and includes plant enzymes to aid digestion. The new Nutriburn packaging is environmentally friendly, gone are the large plastic containers, saving you money per serving! REPLACING NSP COLLOIDAL MINERALS is the new Ionic Minerals with Açaí. New research shows that ionic minerals, with a negative charge and smaller size, are attracted to cells and are taken up more quickly. This formula includes a potent extract of Açaí, not just Açaí flavoring like most other products.

NEW SOLSTIC NUTRITION: In stick packs; these are great for on-the-go nutrition. This is a neat alternative to vitamin water (which has just been bought by big soda!) with a great peach/apricot flavor. As the first product in the Solstic line this includes 100-300% of 18 vitamins and minerals, plus Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2 and all the B Vitamins. Look for Solstic Revive and Solstic Energy coming soon! (Maybe by Leaders Conference in Feb)

RASPBERRY CHOCOLATE IS BACK! Once per year the flavored chocolate will rotate, and the plain dark chocolate will continue. This past year the flavor has been dark chocolate orange, which will be replaced this fall with dark chocolate raspberry. Next fall there will be another rotation of the flavored bar.

BOOMERANG air and surface sanitizer is the biggest news! No other air purifier can make the claim of "Air and Surface Sanitizer," this is brand new technology. Using Petrie dishes, you determine how much mold, fungus, virus, bacteria, etc you have in your home or office. After using the Boomerang for 48-72 hours, test again and be amazed at what is no longer in your air!

Be sure to order test kits from Nature's Sunshine along with your Boomerang for a before and after air quality confirmation. If the kit grows fuzzy matter, you're looking at yeast, fungus and mold. If the kit grows red dots you're exposed to virus, bacteria and pathogens.

"What's in your air is what's in your lungs and what's in your lungs is in your sinuses!" Though we can legally make no health claims for the body, we know that the body is subject to what it's exposed to, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that with less exposure there will be less disease.

The boomerang even kills the deadly MRSA in hospitals, schools, locker rooms, gyms, salons, anywhere pathogens are hiding. Mold and fungus are no problem for the boomerang, and it even takes care of out gassing fumes. This is great news for allergy sufferers! Smokers (and their housemates) will enjoy an odor free environment that is far less toxic.

One salon owner was told by her doctor that she had low lung capacity because she had a small body (WHAT?!) With the boomerang running in her salon, she now has normal lung capacity, and hopefully a new doctor! She was sold when her Petrie dish grew fungus, mold, yeast and bacteria while running her 'top-of-the-line' ionizer. With the boomerang, her salon is really sanitized and smells better!

The boomerang will save you hundreds on larger and less efficient air purifiers, and will sanitize surfaces! Click on to order yours!

Well, were you counting? Fifteen new or reformulated products were released at one convention! We think you could start a business on just the new products alone!

NATURE'S SUNSHINE ONLINE ANYONE? Sign up with to start an online consulting business! Dr. Mahoney has designed and geared Sunclick to Nature's Sunshine standards. Sunclick is like a Health Analyzer on steroids, creating a lifestyle, diet, exercise and supplement protocol exactly suited to your client! For just $19.95 per month you have unlimited access, which is to say there's no limit to how many friends you can email the questionnaire to. What a way to build a business with your friends, and help people save money on products they don't need while only choosing the ones they do need! Visit for more information.

THE NEW MYNSP WEBSITES: Now have a 'back office' where you can create e-cards, print mailing labels, control your address book, and let your targeted group in on upcoming events. In other words, you don't have to tell people in Minnesota about an upcoming class in California. Your information will be backed up online, so if your computer crashes you lose nothing! This is only $5.00 more per month than before, and current members get one month free! Visit for more information.

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