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Is the ancient science of interpreting eye tissue, to detect underlying imbalances and genetic patterns even before symptoms or conditions may have developed.

Quantitative Fluid Analyzer

Is a computerized digital assessment of the biological terrain through saliva and urine, to determine acidity/alkalinity of the cells (pH), oxidation of the cells (ORP/Redox), and congestion of the cells (Resistivity/R). It does not diagnose disease, but evaluates the body's ability to digest nutrients, transport waste, and make its energy to fight disease, free radical damage and aging.

Indican Screening

Is an in-office urine-based chemistry test to detect the presence of Indoles, Skatols, Cadaverols or other evidence of incomplete protein digestion, leaky gut syndrome, candida, parasites, etc.

Biochemical Blood Analysis

Takes your lab results and targets the underlying issues. Rather than looking for disease (pathological value), this determines degree from true health (functional value). This tells us how far from perfect you are, rather than how close to diseased you are.

Modern technology

Combined with ancient wisdom will allow me to accurately assess your current nutritional status. I can then design a nutrition and lifestyle program that is biochemically suited to your specific needs, whether that be an imbalance you are currently experiencing, energy or weight management, or for prevention of disease.

Regular monitoring

Is recommended to obtain optimal health and maintain balance, as we are biochemically affected by everything we eat, think, and are exposed to on a daily basis.

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