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Fasting Guidelines

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Fasting Guidelines
The BTA™ Test
12-Hour Fasting Guidelines
  • Fast for 12-14 hours before the scheduled saliva collection in the office. Not even water is allowed, so time your food and beverage to be completed 12 hours before your appointment time.
  • Avoid scheduling your test within 24 hours of airplane travel.
  • Women: Also avoid scheduling your test during and the first week following your menstrual period.
  • After dinner, brush your teeth and refrain from eating or drinking anything until after your test. This includes chewing gum, throat lozenges and candy.
  • Take any prescribed medications as directed with only a small amount of water.
  • Refrain from using any toothpaste, mouthwashes or mouth rinses both at bedtime and the morning of your test. Also avoid the use of any lipstick or makeup around your mouth and lips. Such substances can change the chemistry of the mouth and your saliva.
  • If you wear dentures or orthodontic appliances, refrain from wearing these during the 12-hour fasting period until after your saliva specimen has been obtained. Denture adhesives, plastics and metals can change the chemistry of the saliva.
  • Refrain from sexual activity during your fasting period. This can cause false elevated readings in your urine values.
  • On the morning of your test, obtain a sample of your first morning urine. Try to obtain a mid-stream specimen (urinate a small amount first, then obtain the remaining urine in your specimen cup). If you did not receive your specimen container, thoroughly wash a glass jar & lid with hot water. Avoid the use of harsh soap or bleach as these can create residues that can alter your urine results. Urine can be collected at 4:00 AM or later.
  • When you arrive for your test, bring your urine container. A small, saliva specimen cup will be provided. Expectorate approximately 2 teaspoons of saliva into the cup. Be certain not to bring up post-nasal drip.
  • Feel free to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, dentures and lipstick to the office for use after your test. If you are hungry, be sure to bring a piece of fruit, some juice and/or a muffin to eat after you have obtained and provided your saliva and urine specimens.
  • BTA™ test results will be discussed with you either on the day of testing or during a scheduled consultation period.