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Keys to Success

Allow me to share from my heart what I know to be true in these current economic times. Most of you know and have embraced herbal healing or at least take a daily multi vitamin. I have watched the positive changes as many of you have used herbal remedies. I apologize to you for not offering the Nature's Sunshine opportunity with each of you, the opportunity to get your herbs for free, earn a part time income, or even to do this business full time. I was doing God's will in sharing with you about your own healing, and now realize that in order to share with people I'll never meet I need to share the business opportunity with you as well as the basics of good health. I've formed the key concepts, the keys to success. Please enjoy these and let me know how I can help you share!

  1. Five keys to staying healthy in a toxic world
    This will allow you to start sharing Nature's Sunshine Products with new members in a simple way. These keys will help you maintain or regain your health. The confounding part of Nature's Sunshine is the broad spectrum of products. There is literally a product, a remedy or an aromatherapy blend for every malady of man or beast. Start with the basics. Call or email for your free health analyzer!

  2. Ten steps to membership
    These will repetitive for some of you, and enlightening for others. These are the things I haven't always remembered to tell all of you; for example that you save 5% on every order that goes through auto ship, and that you save postage when you order online!

  3. Who will benefit from the basics
    This puts into perspective the broad array of illness, conditions and diseases that afflict us. Sometimes it's hard to remember that it all started with a basic imbalance, and that the basics will bring balance.

  4. My Story
    I have good reason to choose Nature's Sunshine, but it's not as good a story as some of yours! I have literally seen lives saved using these products, people who were sent home to die who are now alive, back to work, and well; not just alive and drooling in a nursing home somewhere. A personal story always helps when sharing, please feel free to use mine if you haven't got yours written yet!

  5. The Science
    Precisely. The science is what separates Nature's Sunshine from the competition. Many times I've seen a client who's spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on other brands, good brands, literally boxes and bags full of herbs from the health food store, their naturopath, their chiropractor, their nutritionist or even their doctor. Most of these are professional brands, far better than what you can buy even at the best natural stores. The problem is that natural supplements come from the earth, are not created in a lab, and therefore every batch must be tested for contaminants and for active ingredient. Very few, in fact shockingly few, manufacturers are able to actually test their products, and that's why they don't work consistently. We've recently had a series of articles in our local newspaper about this; herb companies are an unregulated group and the FDA has only just begun to get involved. Nature's Sunshine is NSF certified to contain exactly what the label claims and nothing more, in fact passed the NSF certification with flying colors. Spend your dollars wisely, on a product that really has what the label claims, not 2%, or 17%, but 100% of what the label claims. Otherwise you're throwing your hard earned dollars away.

These are my tips for beating the recession. Share your story, or my story; sign your friends up with the basics and really change their condition. Help them to sponsor other people and really change their life!