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Abnormal Calcification
By Patricia Adams, CH, NHC, BS, NE

When calcium isn't deposited correctly in the body it may lodge in the soft tissues, becoming bone spurs, arterial plaque, dental plaque, kidney stones and plaque in the neurofibrillary tangles, known as Alzheimer's disease. If not correctly deposited in the bones, abnormal calcification may become osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. The key to correct calcification is never as simple as taking calcium, and in fact calcium supplementation is often contraindicated, especially when serum calcium levels are sufficient or there is a history of kidney stones or bone spurs.

Getting the body to deposit the calcium correctly is the key, and involves several processes:

  • Digestion must be optimum, and Hydrochloric Acid must be sufficient to break down calcium and other minerals for correct distribution in the body.
    • Supplement: Food Enzymes, PDA
  • Thyroid function must be corrected, as the thyroid helps deposit calcium to bone.
    • Supplement: Thyroid Support, Thyroid Activator, Target TS II, TS II w/ hops
  • Adrenal function needs to be optimum, as the adrenal glands, most often known for adrenalin, also play a role in depositing minerals correctly.
    • Supplement: Adrenal Support, Adaptamax, Energ-V, Ginseng, Licorice Root
  • The pH of the blood must be alkaline, or the parathyroid glands will pull calcium out of storage (in the teeth and bones) to buffer the acid.
    • Supplement: Liquid Chlorophyll, Magnesium Complex opened under the tongue
  • Vitamin B-12 is important, as this is the 'taxi' calcium needs to 'piggy back' on for transportation.
    • Supplement: Vitamin B-12 complete (liquid)
  • Omega 3 fatty acids help calcium get through the gut wall, and onto the correct protein transport carrier (mineral taxi).
    • Supplement: Super Omega 3, Flax Oil Liquid, Flax Oil Caps
  • Magnesium needs to be higher than Calcium, and needs to be the correct form to be assimilated correctly.
    • Supplement: Magnesium Complex, best opened under the tongue
  • Silica is important for correct deposition of calcium, and is the youth mineral. Little children have high silica, which is why they fall and don't break. As we age we become heavy with calcium, causing us to be less flexible and more brittle.
    • Supplement: HSN Complex, HSN-W, Horsetail
Specific Indications:
  • Women with bone loss will want to add Progesterone, as this hormone helps build bone through the activity of osteoblasts. Estrogen merely slows the osteoclasts, but never rebuilds. Most drugs manipulate estrogen, and are therefore not the best option. Synthetic progesterone will not do, as the liver filters out oral form, and converts it to another hormone altogether. Natural Progesterone cream applied only to the wrists is the best option.
    • Supplement: Pro G Yam 500, Wild Yam & Chaste
  • Those with arterial plaque accumulation will need to realize that cholesterol is not the biggest problem, and we only think so because Statin drugs profit billions of dollars annually, and in fact are the number one prescribed drug in the world as of December 2007. Statins make the liver too sick to create cholesterol, which is necessary for brain, hormone and cell membrane health. Most plaque accumulation is abnormal calcification, with just a coating of cholesterol like icing on the cake. To rid accumulations of heavy metals or calcification oral chelation should be considered, along with the other suggestions for correcting calcification.
    • Supplement: Mega Chel, full chelation one month per 10 years of age, CoQ10(75)
  • Breast Cancers are more and more often calcifications, and again should consider oral chelation as well as correcting the pH to alkaline from the acid that caused the calcification to form in the first place. Paw Paw cell reg therapy may be considered.
    • Supplement: Paw Paw Cell Reg plus pH balancing therapy
  • Gallstones are often a result of abnormal calcification, with the best therapy being to cleanse the gall bladder and replace digestive enzymes as well as balance the pH.
    • Supplement: Gall Bladder Formula, Food Enzymes, plus pH balancing therapy
  • Some uterine growths are abnormal calcification. The liver is vitally important in uterine function, as the liver conjugates environmental hormones to a non-reactive form, preventing endometriosis, fibroid tumors, and a host of ovarian and prostate maladies. Indole 3 Carbinol is the natural ingredient in the cell wall of cruciferous vegetables that helps the liver conjugate out harmful estrogens.
    • Supplement: Indole 3 Carbinol, plus Pro G Yam 500 for women
  • Some factors to consider for optimal pH:
    • Soda Pop robs or rearranges the body calcium, through high fructose corn syrup and phosphoric acid, plus acidifies the tissues while dehydrating the body.
    • Pasteurized dairy, because of the heating process, raises the phosphorus level so that calcium is leached from the bones, and can be displaced. These pasteurized proteins also now resemble the pancreas beta cells, so drinking pasteurized milk is one known cause of juvenile or type I diabetes.
    • The Standard American Diet (SAD for short) is high in sugar, grains and meat, all of which are acid forming. To balance the acid forming protein foods with alkaline forming fruits and vegetables is the dietary goal.

You see, the problem is complex, not as simple as taking calcium. Once abnormal calcification is halted, an optimal blend of Calcium, Magnesium, HCL, and supportive herbs for the glands to deposit minerals correctly can be used.

  • Supplement: Skeletal Strength