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The Power That Made the Body

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The Power That Made the Body
The Power That Made the Body
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.


With thanks for my family, whose loving support carries me through.


The Beginning...of the End
Symptom Chase
The Power within You
A Long Way from Eden
The Hope of a New Beginning

The Beginning...of the End

In the beginning, God created the Heavens, and the Earth, and all living things. The first day He separated the light from darkness, "day" and "night." The second day He created the Heavens, the third day He created land, sea, and vegetation. The fourth day He placed sun, moon, and stars. On the fifth day God created the fish and creatures of the waters, along with every kind of bird. Finally, on the sixth day, He created all land creatures, and the first human being, Adam. God rested on the seventh day.

It is my goal to assure you that there is, was, and has been from the beginning, a wholesome, natural way to care for your body, given to you fully from the One who created your body. We will primarily be concerned with day three, the day God created all herbs and vegetation, and day six, obviously, the day He created man.

Adam & Eve

It is my belief that the first man, Adam, had no more organs or tissues than man today. Man today, however, has 40,000 more diseases, and new ones are being labeled all the time. Why is this? Let's go back to the Garden of Eden, the perfect place created for the first man. Man was given all kinds of wonderful, wholesome, natural, herbal food to eat. I believe that once God gave Adam a wife, Eve, that Adam might have lived a very long time, yes, even longer than the 900 or so years he ultimately lived. Adam had everything he needed to live "forever." The food was perfectly balanced, the air was unpolluted, there was no stress or strife, the water was living, the weather was perfect even if he was naked, and he had daily communion with God.

What happened to Adam has been happening ever since. He was tempted by food! Actually his wife tempted him after being tempted herself, but the point is, food was his downfall. Of all the wonderful foods and herbs, there was one thing Adam was instructed not to eat. His wife was instructed not to eat it. They both knew they could not eat of the tree of good and evil, but the first serpent who came along convinced them they were missing out on a huge treat by not partaking, so they partook. They were taking an enormous risk! They had everything! How could they trade their Eden, their perfect life, and their communication with God for one little food? Get it?

We are still doing it today. In fact, it's a lot easier for us to do today, because we have a lot less to lose. We don't have a perfect world; in fact, many times it's downright difficult. We have a lot of stress in our jobs; we have overcrowded schools and freeways. Our families aren't perfect; our emotions are toyed with daily. Our air is polluted, our oceans are polluted, and our drinking water has to be carefully bought. Our best foods lack the nutrition they once had; we don't "rest on the seventh day" until we're walking exhausted. No wonder we have so many new diseases! Oh for crying out loud, how much can a person take?

Now we go to the doctor and find out we have some horrible disease condition we have a hard time saying, let alone understanding, what are we to do? Thus begins the...

Symptom Chase

Nobody tells us about nutrition, but we do get a lot of information from our television, and it tells us about a new medication, just released for our disease! We're so excited to write it down for our doctor that we miss the list of side-effects, many of which are worse than the disease we're trying to cure! The doctor is working very hard to keep up with all the new medications being released daily by pharmaceutical companies. This makes it hard to find the time to study nutrition and herbs. The doctor most likely to refer to diet is your veterinarian. For some reason we recognize right away that what is wrong with our pet can be diet related, but we don't care for ourselves the same way.

Therefore, the doctor, understanding the nature of the disease or condition, will prescribe that which he understands-medicine to make the symptom(s) disappear. Actually, we have trained our doctors to think this way. We go to the doctor expecting to receive a pill or shot to relieve symptoms. If we have a good enough relationship with the doctor we can even get the prescription over the phone, pick it up at the drug store on the way home, and be back at work in the morning, when what we really need is rest. If we ignore our bodies' natural shutoff and release valves long enough, a disease condition develops.

In some countries patients pay their doctors 52 weeks per year, until they become ill. They do not pay the doctor when they are ill. When they are well again, payment resumes. This system obviously rewards, and is seeking, wellness. When our doctors are paid to study and cure sickness, we need to seek wellness elsewhere. (Perhaps the vet?)

The more nutrition conscious among us will go to health food store where there are some wonderful people who understand herbs and wellness. If you know your symptoms, they can direct you to the appropriate natural remedy. Herbs and Herbalists are a wonderful choice because there are no side effects from food, unless you're allergic, and herbs are food! Confusing food, but food just the same. The kind of food that Adam and Eve knew thousands of years ago. The kind of food that has been used since the beginning of time to overcome illness and strengthen our bodies. The kind of food that does not come with a list of side effects in fine print!

The downside of this is that you are still in a symptom chase. You may or may not know what the underlying cause is, and the average Herbalist or health food store cannot help you to find out.

The diagnostic means used daily in our country resemble some kind of medieval torture. To say diagnoses can be extremely invasive is the understatement of the year. Some of the means of diagnosis are worse than the symptoms which brought us to the clinic in the first place. But there are more natural ways.

The Power within You

One natural method of detection is Iridology. This is a science of prevention developed by a German doctor named Ignatz Von Peczely, and perfected by a modern Naturopathic Chiropractor named Dr. Bernard Jensen. A trained Iridologist can detect toxic build-up, congestion, and/or inflammation within an organ or tissue before it becomes diseased. This is done simply by magnifying and illuminating the iris (colored part) of the eye. It is completely painless and non-invasive, while highly effective and enlightening. The eye truly is "the window to the soul," and has much to reveal about not only you, but about prior generations and genetic weakness. We are only as strong as our weakest organ; therefore, strengthening that part will strengthen the whole.

Within each of us is a life force. It began at conception when the first cells began to divide and become who you are today. All the genetic coding was there; no information was left out. This is the reproductive process begun by our Creator when He first breathed the breath of life into Adam all those years ago. This life force extends to all His creation, including His plants and herbs. Food has energy, people have energy, and animals have energy.

We have all had an experience where we immediately, and for no apparent reason, don't like something or someone. By the same token, we've met someone we liked immediately. This is all a part of our energy. When we're with "up" people, we're strong, whereas a person with bad energy will "bring us down."

In the same way, foods (herbs) will make us strong or weak. People who understand the process of "testing" food energy are known as Kinesiologists. The process is called Kinesiology, or Muscle Testing. This is noninvasive, can be done anywhere, and doesn't require the removal of clothing. It is simply testing the strength of one arm (deltoid muscle) while holding the food or herb close to you. This is the perfect way to test for food allergies, before you have a reaction.

You can see just from the methods mentioned above that natural techniques of detection are more simple and noninvasive. Along with this, the Natural Health Care Practitioner will spend more time talking with you and finding out what you are about, not just placing you in one category or another. All in all, it seems more humane and compassionate.

The most positive of all the "Natural Detection" implications is the fact that conditions yet to develop can be detected. Some conditions are too vague for medical science to detect, and by the time they can be found, we are in serious trouble. If we listen to our body, it will always tell us when something is wrong. If we find the weakness soon enough, we can rebuild tissue before it degenerates.

Some may wonder why we need herbs at all. Why can't we just eat better? It's because we're...

A Long Way from Eden

Remember Adam? We've come a long way from the original garden where the food was perfect and unpoisoned. When I said even our best foods lack the nutrition they once had, you have to know I mean even the best organic food grown naturally. Our soil is more and more depleted, and as housing becomes denser, there is just less land to rotate crops to.

Modern farming techniques are about more production and less vermin. The food quality suffers, and most of it is toxic. The chemicals and sprays cannot be simply washed off, as much of the spraying happens when the plants are in infancy, when the fruit hasn't yet developed. Therefore, the poisons are in the very fiber of every non-organic food we consume. If it kills bugs, which are more resistant every year, what is it doing to people?

Couple this with the fact that the average American does not even eat the minimum five fruits and vegetables, let alone the nine for optimum health. Add in the fact that we're working farther from home, spending less time in the kitchen, and relying on pre-packaged processed foods, and you've got the recipe for disaster. Our children are hyperactive because we don't stress nutrition, and their immune systems are weakened by the antibiotic drugs we feed them. They are our future, and we're killing them, along with ourselves, with our lust for the wrong kinds of things.

Most Americans work too hard to worry about nutrition. We will worry about that "later." We will take time off later, and we will get good rest every night later. We will get more exercise later, we will stop smoking later, and we will drink less and eat better later. The problem is that later is too late for more and more Americans every year. The time to start being responsible for your future is now, while you still have a future to care about.

If we will hunger for wellness, through right living, good foods will be what we crave. Most of our food is "empty food." It has little or no nutritional value; we're just trying to appease our taste buds. Our bodies cannot regenerate and grow new tissue without proper nutrition. Herbs grow new tissue. Our bodies like herbs. Our cells like herbs. All body cells regenerate regularly, and if we give them proper support, they will replicate accurately. A cell that gets the wrong information, from bad nutrition, replicates inaccurately, causing disease.

Whether over-the-counter or prescription, remember that medicine does not grow new tissue. Herbs are food, and herbs always work. It's time to be responsible for this beautiful creation, and take control of your own wellness. Treat yourself like a person with living tissue, not a science experiment.

The Hope...of a New Beginning

It's time to get back to basics, get back to a more wholesome way of life before it's too late. Buy and eat only organic produce, the closer to fresh and raw the better. If you can't grow your own food or join an organic farm co-op, then buy organic at the health food store. Many of the larger chain stores are carrying organic, so it's not that difficult to find. These foods will be more mineral rich and less toxic than the bulk and processed foods found elsewhere. The more mineral rich your food, the less food you will crave, automatically reducing your appetite.

Get rest! Listen to your body when it needs time off. Get plenty of sleep and take a day or two off every week. This alone will increase immunity and reduce stress.

Get exercise. Our way of life is far too sedentary. We spend too much time on computers, cell phones, and video games. Not only do we get continual radiation, but also the lack of exercise is making us weaker, fatter, and more diseased. If you can't work out at the gym 4-5 times per week for at least � hour, then walk, bike, take stairs, and get some small hand weights for home use. Get your heart rate up and use your muscles to burn up excess blood sugar.

If you already have a disease condition, there is good news! Herbs build new tissue. Herbs are not medicine, but by rebuilding your tissues, your own body may begin its healing, regenerative process. Medicine interrupts your natural body processes, while herbs support natural body processes. After all, your body and your herbs have the same Creator. Our bodies have amazing recuperative power. We have all known people who have survived incredible physical ordeals. Our bodies are amazing mechanisms, which will continue for 50 or so years with little or no maintenance. Imagine what they will do with proper care!

If you choose herbs over medication, you choose prevention over cure. It's a well-known fact that many of our medical "cures" kill the patients before their disease does. This is because medicine/medication does not build new tissue. Medicine should be used for trauma and emergency. For lifetime concerns you need herbs to avoid the side-effects of medication.

If you have maintained a good body and given it good care, there is good news! Herbs will build new tissue, replicating accurately, for a lifetime of wellness! All herbs are complete with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phyto-protectors, and antioxidants. Vitamins are separated, concentrated food, which may cause an imbalance if not taken properly, while herbs are whole food, natural and balanced.

Whether remaining well or fighting sickness, invest in yourself. It will last the rest of your life. Find a good Natural Health Practitioner, and some high-quality herbal supplements, because if you wear your body out, where will you live?

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