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September 10, 2008
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Washington DC was a wonderful place to visit, and what an appropriate place to hold the Nature's Sunshine National Convention. We learned that our health freedoms are being constantly bombarded in congress, that Big Pharma has a significant presence there, and that your 'choice' is really just between medications.

The Good News is that NSP has developed some great new products, the Bad News is that CODEX is trying to make sure you can't ever have them. I've enclosed a petition that we all need to pro-active with. Make copies and distribute them at work, find out the name of your local congressperson and send them in! Talk to your congressperson's staff to be sure they'll fight to protect DSHEA. (Dietary Supplement Health Education Act) Let them know there's a constituent in your home town (use my name if you need to) who works to make sure people get healthy at the lowest cost possible; with nature's cures that are less expensive than medicine. If you don't participate now, you may not get to later.

New supplements: Fizz Active Immune, dissolve in water and drink for immediate immune support. Gentle Move, the answer for sluggish colon, contains triphala and is safe for daily use. Candida Clear is a very focused two-week cleanse in packets designed to be taken with meals, plus specific enzyme packets taken between meals to break down the cell wall of Candida Albicans and flush them out.

Reformulated supplements for better performance and cost effectiveness: Para-Cleanse and Tiao He Cleanse, now with concentrated black walnut. RG Max, now with 50% more servings plus added L-Citrulline for more effective circulatory support. Green Zone is now gluten free and includes Chia seed. Synerprotein rounds out the list with added fiber and better flavor. Try these, you'll love them!

The trainers at convention are fantastic; you should attend next year at Paris hotel in Las Vegas.

We now have 2 acquaintances with ear tumors, requiring surgery through the brain, from cell phones. I repeat: NO cell phones for kids, NO blue tooth stuck to your head, use BLUE TUBE plug in headset from Mercola or our office.

For years I have steadfastly refused to 'do' weight-loss. I have been recruited hundreds of times, and been accused an equal number of times, as a person regained true health and lost weight as a side effect. A healthy body weighs the correct amount, and as we balance individual health concerns, correction in weight results. This isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' program and takes into consideration blood type, metabolic type, heritage, and building or cleansing. I want no part of a fad or trend that ignores the overall health in favor of a lower number on the scale.

The truth about weight loss is part of the Untold Truth series taught at Nature's Sunshine's Young at Any Age seminars. The Breakthrough Weight Loss System is authored by Dr. Rallie McAllister, MD, and deals with underlying causes. We have copies of the module, including book and CD, in our office, and you get these handouts when you attend a Nature's Sunshine seminar. Call 1-800-223-8225 to find the next one in your area.

Dr. McAllister is the fresh voice on the Nature's Sunshine Scientific Advisory Panel, an 8-member team of MD's, PhD's, and ND's. In Washington DC she taught a class on Crohn's Disease, Colitis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I love her teaching, as she can't help but reveal frustration with a medical system that ignores everything except surgery and medication.

Silver Gel is more than anti-bacterial. Golfers, sun lovers and gardeners; Silver Gel is being studied for anti-cancer properties. At convention Dr. Pederson showed us special photography that revealed deep layers of sun damage and pre-cancerous cells. Re-photographing 105 minutes after applying Silver Gel showed 10% improvement! I've been using Silver Gel daily under my moisturizer (Triple Effect Age Relief Cream) and in one week have a visible difference in a small brown growth on my forehead. Now I'm using it on my arms, legs, and chest for sun damage and anti-aging!

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