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April 10, 2007
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

May 5th 2007 is the next Untold Truth seminar, in Oakland, California. The focus will be Traditional Chinese Medicine and the whole day is just 20.00! Call 1-800-223-8225 to sign up today, and call our office if you're interested in ride sharing.

May 12th 2007 is the next cooking class at the old firehouse, and will focus on Traditional Fermented Foods for natural health and healing. Fee is 25.00, call 440-9935 to register. I will be sharing some of the tips I learned at a cooking class for Autism and spectrum disorders, but don't underestimate the power of fermented foods for healing the gut and therefore every disease we know! The connection between what we eat and who we become cannot be ignored.

"Gut and Psychology Syndrome", by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD addresses conditions ranging from Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, and ADD to Schizophrenia and Depression. Europeans have known for nearly a decade that the gut controls the brain; the medical journal 'gut' has referred to the brain-gut odyssey in reference to arthritis, allergies, inflammatory disorders, mood disorders, immunology, and everything else you can think of.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD just gave a great Autism conference in Bellvue, Washington, where the health of the gut is paramount to healing. One great concern is Electrosmog, a huge influence on molds and virus that grow out of control. Apparently the spores of the organisms are driven by electrical frequency. In nature these organisms are not harmful, possibly even beneficial to the ecosystem, but in our homes and bodies they become overgrown under the influence of too much dietary sugar, antibiotics taken by us and by the animals we eat, and electrical frequency.

Worst offenders? Wireless Internet and Cordless Phones, including cell phones. We saw light films of the distance into the brain the microwaves travel, including DECT, WLAN, UMTS, and Blue tooth. Adults were affected 1" into the brain, 10-year-olds were affected through over half the brain, and 5-year-olds nearly to the other ear! Stop microwaving yourself!

No cell phones kids! Get corded phones in your home, and use a desktop PC instead of a laptop for the greatest protection. The most dangerous exposure is when your sympathetic nervous system isn't protecting you, as in sleep. A little known danger is electric cars, with kids sitting in the back right on top of the battery! What's good for the environment isn't always the best for us.

Years ago Steven Horne taught us to look at what's growing wildly around your home to know what herbs are necessary for health. This does not apply if you've sprayed roundup everywhere, then don't be surprised if you grow some very hardy varieties that defy chemical contamination; those are exactly what the users of such chemicals need! Look at the chaparral growing near freeways, this powerful detox herb even smells of gas.

Dr. Klinghardt believes that your yard grows what you need, and told us the story of a man who 10 years ago had wild parsley and cilantro in his yard. (Natural diuretic, natural heavy metal chelator) Next he had evening primrose growing wild in his garden. (EFA for heart health and hormone balancing) After years of battling the 'weeds' and ignoring the message, he ultimately died of 'sudden' acute heart disease.

Right now we have Japanese knotweed growing wildly across the US. This is effective for Lymes disease, the fastest growing epidemic in the US...coincidence? Our God is no coincidence, and neither are His herbs. The main problem with herbal formulas, (including my personal tincturing), is that they cannot be fully tested without a proper laboratory. I always recommend Nature's Sunshine; the products actually contain what the label claims, nothing more and nothing less.

"Prescription for Disaster" is a great DVD from the web page. Gary Null does a brilliant job of putting together this very professional documentary of doctors and psychiatrists telling the troubling truth of pharmaceutical influence in their trade. Health care is being run as a business, not a science, to the detriment of America. 225,000 dead from Doctors last year, according to JAMA (Journal Amer. Med. Assn) The bible tells the story of a woman who "suffered many things from many physicians" Mark 5:28

The Wall Street Journal reports that limits are being sought on ties between doctors and drug companies. (In reality there should be no ties, not just limited ties)

Jon Rappoport (investigative reporter) describes the pharmaceutical machine operating along two hidden vectors:
a) Selling drugs that cause harm, injury and death, and
b) Suppressing promising non-toxic cures
   I'm not sure which aspect offends me most!

Joseph Mercola in the "Medicalization of Everyday Life" states that everyday experiences such as insomnia, sadness, or twitchy legs are being diagnosed as sleep disorder, depression, or restless leg syndrome. Illnesses are being identified in those with no symptoms but who are 'at risk'. The level of cholesterol deemed 'normal' has dropped several times so more folks can be medicated. Not all treatments have benefit, but almost all of them have harms, and can be worse than the 'disease' for those with mild symptoms.

Stages of life are now thought of as a disease (puberty, menopause, pregnancy) and consequences of poor eating patterns (over eating, poor food combining) are now a deadly disease (GERD) with plenty of deadly medications to treat the 'disease'. I am shocked at the number of times I've looked up a medication for a client to see the words: "Cancer in pre-clinical trials" listed as a side effect. (Lippincotts Drug Guide, 2007) It's unconscionable to give drugs that kill for conditions that don't!

We tolerate the high costs of health care assuming that better health results from more expensive care, but the fact is that of 13 developed nations, we rank 12th; second from the bottom in health. (Mercola, 2007)

I know scientifically, practically, and clinically that many 'incurable diseases' are nothing more than severe imbalances that can be regulated and reversed with proper diet, herbs and natural health care. God created our bodies perfectly and they will regenerate and recuperate time and time again. We truly are "Fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 139:14.

I'm sad to report that our little dog 'Bandit' passed away a few weeks ago. He was 11 years old, was born with a heart defect, and had been given 10 days to live over three years ago. That's the power of herbal therapy! He was on kidney drainage and enzymes before each meal, and lived a great life. It seems to me that this is the goal of natural health; not to live forever, but to live well, enjoying every moment that you have.

Come to Monday night class at 5:30 (nearly every week) to learn more about herbs. We have a new topic each time, serve an organic dinner and dessert, and it's free for active members of Nature's Sunshine. For more information call 440-9935.

And don't forget your invitation:

WHO: You, that's who!

WHAT: Traditional and fermented foods Cooking Class

WHERE: 41 Sims Road, Santa Cruz, CA

WHEN: Saturday May 12th at 2:00 PM

WHY: Because you won't believe how easy, Healthy and tasty it is!

BRING: One or two glass (canning type) jars for starters. I'll have some available for sale if you don't have them.

FEE: Just 25.00

CALL: 440-9935 to register

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