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September 22, 2004
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

God allowed my plane to land in Orlando, FL for six days of training between hurricane Francis and hurricane Ivan, brought me home safely, and now I have l got news for you:

Andrographis has been shown in clinical trials to increase immunity and/or shorten illness time. This is the primary ingredient in the Seasonal Defense formula. It's no coincidence that everyone gets sick when the kids go back to school in the fall, and fall it is. Use it when you've fallen ill, or when you've first been exposed. (An e-mail from a sick friend is enough exposure for me!)

Stress Cortisols are the target of the highly advertised Cortislim product. The collective professional opinion is that this is a dead product (created in a lab), and cannot lead to life. The law (not theory) of Biogenesis states that life comes only from life. Adaptamax is the preferred natural formula; long-term okay for men, women switch to Eleuthro after 60 days.

Chlorine is becoming a more common allergen that affects the thyroid (i.e. weight, mood, brain) as well as cause gut mutation (leaky gut, malabsorption, diverticuli). We offer the best shower filter on the market, Rainshower. Chlorine which enters your body by breathing the steam is the most detrimental. Floating filters for the tub are a good idea, I'm just filling my tub from the showerhead till they arrive.

Pre-midnight sleep has been clinically shown to be five times more beneficial than post-midnight sleep. Think about that when you want to finish that movie! A light non-sugar snack will assure a full nights rest. Celery and almond butter is a good choice. Answer to fatigue? Go to bed!

Want to make your herb program pay instead of the other way around? Nature's Sunshine offers wholesale membership that can help you change that. Members buy for wholesale, share with friends, they get healthy and you get your herbs for free! Everyone wins. Attend the upcoming Untold Truth Seminar to improve your herb knowledge, improve your health, and impress your friends and family.

Why do you think the truth is still Untold? Television ads don't reveal the value of herbs or the devastation of medication because no one paid 5 billion dollars to get herbs on the market. That's why you don't know Ginger is nature's aspirin. Use it freely for sore joints, motion sickness, digestive issues, blood thinning properties, and circulatory health, without any harmful side effects. Aspirin is still killing more people than AIDS, and is handed out like candy...must be the money! Contrary to what you're being told, all NSAIDS are that harmful.

The California Health Freedom Act passed! A victory to be sure, but keep in mind that it only passed by four votes. The detrimental bill SB 722 is still threatening your health freedom. Call your congress no on SB722.

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