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Dr. Hugo Rodier has written a great book about insulin resistance, type II diabetes, and the relationship to practically all known diseases. To repair the cell membrane destruction from years of unhealthy eating he recommends certain nutritional supplements along with a specific diet. The name of the book is "Sweet Death", and the book and CD's are available from us or from Sound Concepts.

"Sweet Death" protocol:
First 2 weeks: Organic: Lean meats (not pork, sausage, salami, etc.) eggs, and wild fish. Plenty of organic vegetables; steamed, stir-fried in ghee, coconut oil, or olive oil, baked, roasted, mashed or fresh. Only sweet potatoes/yams, no white potato. Organic: Raw nuts, seeds, and nut butters. Avoid cashew, peanut and pistachio. Organic: Olive oil and lemon may be used for dressings. Herb teas and green teas okay for beverages, avoid alcohol, coffee and dairy. Stevia and Xylitol are fine for sweeteners, or gum and mints from Nature's Sunshine.
Second 2 weeks: Add 2 fruits per day to the above. Avoid grapes, dried fruit and bananas.
Third 2 weeks: Add Legumes to the above; dried beans and peas, lentils, soybeans, tofu, tempeh. (no processed soy-ish foods like milks, fake meats, cheeses, ice creams, etc.)
Fourth 2 weeks: Add Grains to the above; amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, brown rice, avoid wheat products of all kinds and minimize ancient wheats (spelt and kamut).
Additional supplements to consider: L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Glyco Essentials, CLA or Omega 3. Psyllium, Probiotics, Enzymes and Super Omega 3 are always a good idea.

Everyone who has tried this protocol has been amazed. Headaches have disappeared, weight and body fat have been regulated, hormones have become balanced, blood pressure has become regular and body pain has stopped. The one comment we hear often is about boredom with the diet. (Remember that a diet is whatever you're eating, try not to get hung up on the word) I did not experience this, as I am a seasoned naturalist and gourmet cooking is one of my passions. I have provided my personal 'food journal' as I made the journey through "Sweet Death", in hopes that it raises your awareness of all the beautiful food God created for us that does not trigger insulin.

This is Patricia Adams' food journal; your program may vary according to your own preferences. I began the program as I was stuck; with 25 excess pounds and 38% body fat during menopause. I was determined to never be hungry, never count a calorie, and to eat as much good fat as possible. NOTE: My chai tea is homemade with xylitol and 1 T. whole raw organic milk.

Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner
1 Scrambled Egg
� c. green beans
1/3 c. pecans saut� in olive oil
(2 c. chai tea)
� c. Raw Filberts "Green" Burger
� Avocado Salad with Olive Oil
� Avocado
6 Walnuts
"Green" Burger
1 C. Beet, Carrot, and Cauliflower Soup
(1 T. nut butter at bedtime)
2 Veggie Soup
2 c. chai tea
Psyllium Hulls 2/3 c. nuts
"Green" Burger
1 c. green tea 2 c. salad w/olive oil, avocado, filberts, garlic
� Baked Squash w/cinnamon & flax oil
6oz. Roasted Chicken
4 Roasted Chicken Liver
3 2 eggs, over easy
2 c. chai tea
Psyllium Hulls Salad w/chicken
1 c. herb tea
1 c.pecans, walnuts & filberts Veggie soup with roasted chicken
4 2 eggs, over easy
2 c. chai tea
1 c herb tea
1 c green tea
Skinless Chicken thigh
Salad with avo & olive oil
1 c. squash w/flax oil, cinnamon & pecans
Almond Cakes; 2/3 c. almond flour, 1 egg, 2 T. Broth, (saut� in olive oil, med heat)
(This was ok)
Beet & Squash puree with pine nuts
4 oz. Chicken
SNACK: 1 cup pecans, filberts & walnuts
5 � Almond Cake
(2/3 c. almond flour, 3 eggs, 1 t. soda, � t. sea salt, baked 375, 20 min)
(This was 'rubber')
Saut� salad greens
2 c. chai tea
� 'rubber' cake :) w/ 2 T. almond butter 2 c herb tea
1 c green tea
Skinless thigh
� 'rubber cake' w/ 2 T. almond butter
  Fresh veggie soup: kale, tomato, eggplant, carrot, cabbage, chicken broth, sea salt & pepper
Salad w/ � avocado, cherry tomatoes, olive oil & 1 oz fresh mozzarella
6 Skinless Chicken Leg
2 c. chai tea
Psyllium Hulls � Avocado
1 � c. Veggie Soup
1 � c. Salad w/lemon & olive oil
  6 oz. Grass fed steak
6 oz. Baked Chicken
2 c. Salad w/ Olive oil
SNACK: 1 c. raw nuts
7 2 eggs over easy
2 c. chai tea
Nutriburn Chocolate w/Psyllium 1 � c. Veggie Soup   6 oz. Chicken
1 � c. salad w/oil/lemon
Grain-free chocolate cake
(This was a winner, recipe will be online)
8 Scrambled eggs w/Chicken, artichoke hearts
2 c. chai tea
  4 Chicken Wings
Salad w/veggies & olive oil
(This was how I managed an 'out-to-lunch' with the kids)
  Beef & Veggie soup
� Corona
(I cheated so I have to put it down :) )
9 Lamb & Veggies
2 c. chai tea
Psyllium Hulls Lamb & Veggies � c. nuts
1 c. chai
4 oz Wild Salmon w/pesto & capers
� Baked Sweet Potato
w/ Flax oil
Salad w/ olive oil, feta, avocado, soaked almonds
� c. Veggie soup
Grain-less chocolate cake
Stevia pumpkin cookie
10 Sweet Potato w/Almonds, flax oil & pesto
2 c. chai tea
Psyllium Hulls 4 oz. Salmon w/pesto, capers
Baked Sweet potato w/ flax oil
2/3 c. nuts
Stevia pumpkin cookie
Roasted chicken w/ pesto
1 c. Broccoli w/ butter
SNACK: � c. soaked almonds
11 Scrambled eggs
w/ chicken, artichoke hearts & pesto
2 c. chai tea
3 T. Almond butter
Nutriburn chocolate
Veggie soup
w/ skinless chicken thigh
1 T. Almond butter Veggie soup with
Ground grass fed beef
SNACK: � c. soaked almonds
12 � avocado
� c. soaked almonds
2 c. chai tea
� c. raw nut mix
Skinless chicken thigh w/ pesto herb tea
� c. raw nuts
Chard, tomato, leek, pesto red cabbage and rib eye
steak in chicken broth
Snack: Stevia pumpkin cookie
13 Scrambled eggs w/ artichoke heart
2 c. chai tea
� c. nuts Teriyaki Albacore and Salmon
Cabbage salad
Psyllium w/Colloidal minerals Grilled Skirt Steak
Roasted Sweet Potato
Salad w/almond dressing
Grain-less chocolate cake
Pinot Noir (mom's b-day)
14 Scrambled eggs w/ smoked wild salmon
2 c. chai tea
  Seafood omelet w/ hollandaise (Ideal fish) Fuyu persimmon
Green tea
Roasted Chicken
� baked sweet potato
Salad w/ avocado and
apple/almond dressing
Grain-less chocolate cake
15 Skinless Chicken
2 c. chai tea
Psyllium w/ Colloidal Minerals Roasted chicken Salad w/apple/almond
� baked sweet potato
Fuyu persimmon
Green tea
Raw food bar
Cabbage & chicken salad w/peanut/cilantro dressing
Baked sweet potato
Stuffed Dates (4)
16 1 c. Veggie soup
1 T. Almond butter
w/ ALJ liquid
2 c. chai tea
Psyllium w/ Colloidal Minerals Vegetable soup
1 c. raw nuts
Raw food bar
herb tea
Turkey onion burger patty
Green Beans
Salad w/apple/almond
Veggie Soup
Stevia pumpkin cookie
SNACK: Apple
17 � Baked sweet potato
2 Stuffed Dates
2 c. chai tea
1 cup Cabbage and Chicken Salad Onion burger patty
Salad w/ apple/almond
herb tea
1/c raw nuts
Sliced cabbage spaghetti
Salad w/ apple & pear
18 2 scrambled eggs w/ � chick breast
2 c. chai tea
1 c. raw nuts
Psyllium w/Colloidal Minerals
� chicken breast w/apple/almond salad herb tea Mexican veggie soup
salad w/pear and apple
19 Fuyu persimmon
� c. Raw nuts
� chicken breast
2 c. chai tea
Psyllium w/ Colloidal Minerals Thai Chicken salad herb tea Chicken Breast saut� w/ Radish tops and walnuts in olive oil
20 Scrambled eggs
2 c. chai tea
� c.Raw nuts Mesclun green salad w/salmon � c.Raw nuts Curry Chicken
Almond Chicken
Beef w/Broccoli
21 Scrambled eggs
2 c. chai tea
  Green salad
Poached chicken in green salsa
Almond mountain bar
Grainless sweet potato cookie (church potluck)
  � c. Chicken Salad w/celery and pecan
� c.Tuna Salad
� c. Guacamole
Cucumber, carrot, celerya and bell pepper stix (sports award banquet)
22 Nutriburn chocolate w/Psyllium hulls
2 c. chai tea
� c. Raw nuts Fuyu persimmon
1 c. raw nuts
� avocado
  Tofu and veggies with almond sauce
Roasted beets, cauliflower carrots, turnips and fennel
Salad w/ avocado, garlic soaked almond & olive oil
Grainless sweet potato cookie
Almond mountain bar
23 Tofu and veggies w/ almond sauce
2 c. chai tea
� c. Raw nuts Avocado salad
Roasted Veggies
  Vegetable saut� with peanut sauce