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Mega-Chel Oral Chelation Program
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Mega-Chel is a unique supplement. It contains very high doses of antioxidant nutrients, along with special nutrients that chelate (attach themselves to) metals so they can be removed from the body. Many people have successfully used Mega-Chel (in the manner described in this protocol) to help conditions such as hardening of the arteries, sores that won't heal in the extremities, circulatory complications of diabetes, tissue calcification, senility and heavy metal poisoning.

It is very important to start slowly with this program and work up as instructed. Otherwise, symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headache and skin eruption may occur. It is also important to taper off as instructed, or fatigue and temporary nutritional deficiencies may result.

Working up to full dose

For the first week, take the following with breakfast and dinner:
1 tablet of Mega-Chel
� oz. Mineral Chi Tonic or Colloidal Minerals

Each week increase the dosage of Mega-Chel by 1 tablet AM and PM.
Week 2 = 2AM and 2PM, week 3 = 3AM and 3PM, week 4 = 4AM and 4PM, etc.
Gradually increase the amount of minerals to 1 oz AM and PM

Full program

A full dose of Mega-Chel is 5-6 tablets twice daily, depending on body weight. Large persons should take the full 6 tablets twice per day. Smaller persons should take the 5 tablets twice per day. Older children (100 lbs or so) use 4 tabs at a time. When you reach full dose you will be taking with breakfast and dinner:
5-6 Mega-Chel tablets
1-ounce liquid minerals

You will need to stay on this full dose (or full chelation) for 1 month for every 10 years of your age. (4 months for 40 years old, 6 months for 60 years old, etc.)

Tapering off

It is important to taper off in a similar manner to building up. On the full program your body gets lazy about extracting nutrients from food, and sudden discontinuation could lead to a sudden drop in nutrient levels until your body readjusts.

Cleansing Reactions

As plaque is removed from the walls of the arteries, cholesterol levels in the blood could temporarily rise as the liver and kidneys are removing the calcium, cholesterol and impurities from the body. If these organs are weak, it may be necessary to support them as follows:

Kidneys: (History of arthritis, chronic back pain, urinary infection, etc.)

KB-C with each meal, or Lymphatic Drainage and Kidney Drainage sipped throughout the day in water.

Liver: (History of high cholesterol, skin problems, digestive upset, etc.)

1 tsp. LOCLO in a large glass of water (with a small amount of juice for flavor) in the AM and PM and 2 Chinese Liver Balance with each meal.