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February 7, 2009
By Patricia Adams, BS, CNC, NHC, NE

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Ideas must work through the brains and arms of men or they are no better than dreams".

Dr. Daniel Amen, MD of the Amen Clinics and author of 22 books on brain health, did a PBS special called "Change your brain, change your life". He listed all the good reasons to play table tennis instead of soccer, football, or other high head trauma sports.

Nature's Sunshine has hosted Dr. Amen and we've heard him speak in Houston, TX and in Washington DC. He developed the SPECT brain scan, which details the function of the brain for such disorders as depression, ADD/ADHD, memory disorders, etc. 'Normal' brains are comprehensively measured for brain function and tissue stamina as prevention against loss of function.

Nature's Sunshine Products asked the question: "In 90 days could NSP products change the brain?" Dr. Amen assembled 20 participants:

  • 5 with memory disorders
  • 5 with depression
  • 5 with ADD/ADHD
  • 5 'normal' brains

Each participant was instructed not to change any habits; if they smoked, not to stop, if they ate fast food, to continue, and so on. Here were the rules:

  • Don't change any habits
  • Get your first SPECT scan
  • Follow the 90 day protocol
  • Get a second SPECT scan

The participants took a focused attention test and went into the scanner for 30-40 minutes. Each participant was given:

(I would add high levels of Bifidophilus Flora Force for the gut/brain connection per Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of "Gut and Psychology Syndrome")

Specific remedies were also given, according to the areas determined by the SPECT scan to have the least activity. Some examples:

  • SAMe
  • GABA Plus
  • 5 HTP
  • Ginkgo Biloba

Dr. Amen was so impressed by the significant measurable improvements with Nature's Sunshine Products that he is giving a discount to NSP members. (Normal SPECT is $3,250.00, discounted is $2,925.00)

NSP put thousands of dollars into the study to find out what we already know...Nature's Sunshine Products work better!

Dr. Amen has developed a Brain Systems Check List to determine area of malfunction, in case you aren't tempted to spend thousands, and we will send you one FREE with your updated email address!

We'd like to send news electronically, to help save the planet and our postal pocketbook. If you don't have an email, just call for your copy.

The real news is that you can use your brain or lose your brain just don't wait too long to add supplements and correct the behaviors! (See Twelve Steps to Brain Health)

The topic of Leader's Conference in Los Angeles was Women's Health, covering:

  • PMS
  • Mood Swings
  • Hot Flashes
  • Excessive Menstrual Bleeding
  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Breast Health
  • Superwoman Syndrome
  • Endometriosis and Fibroid Tumors
  • Infertility
  • Irregular Cycles

I also attended a discussion on 'Man-opause', the male form of change known as Andropause.

Nature's Sunshine has introduced several formulas to help with these issues and more:

NEW Green Tea Gum, with xylitol and no other harmful sweeteners like the store brands, with the metabolic benefits of green tea! May assist with weight loss.

IMPROVED: Natural Changes pre-packaged formula for menopause, which is not a disease but a natural part of life. Now with Super GLA; omega 3,6, & 9 replacing flax oil.

IMPROVED: Pro G Yam (5) (for men and teens), and Pro G Yam (500) (for the big girls) now with no parabens at all. Old formulations contained natural parabens that were harmless but confusing to those aware of chemistry.

IMPROVED Stress Pack, includes Stress-J, NutriCalm, Nerve Eight (for sleeping), and now with Adaptamax replacing suma.

One big topic of conversation was the importance of vitamin D3 to prevent abnormal cells, maintain healthy bones, strengthen the immune system and much more.

Vitamin D3 is synthesized from cholesterol when sunlight hits the skin, so it is called the 'sunshine vitamin'. (Just another reason not to synthetically lower your your brain is largely made up of cholesterol...)

For every person you sponsor, through Feb 28, 2009, you and the person you sponsor will receive a FREE bottle of vitamin D3 from Nature's Sunshine, the sunshine vitamin people!

The new GMP FDA standard is finally being implemented, causing many companies to approach Nature's Sunshine to formulate for them. As you know NSP is far above the standard. The refused companies intend to stay in business till they get caught, saying the FDA only has so many inspectors to go around...

I researched all the products on my shelves, over 22 brands, mostly professional brands that lay people cannot purchase, and NONE but NSP had the NSF certification. Wow! Nothing at the health food stores was on the list; popular multi level marketing juices were not on the list...

The NSF certifier complimented Nature's Sunshine, saying they had the best lab he had seen internationally, and that pharmaceuticals didn't come close. Congratulations again NSP!

CODEX is still a threat, but we now have a champion in our corner. Beth Clay, Senior Vice President of Capitol Strategy Consultants, Inc. has taken on the project of protecting access to safe and natural supplements in conjunction with the Sunshine Health Freedom Fund that we should all be contributing to monthly. She hopes to unify all the Natural Health Freedom movements, for greater impact. Consider contributing to the CODEX fund for the next 9 months to support this vital battle.

Sign the petition and send it to us or to Beth, she will walk them into congress in large batches on your behalf.

Beth Clay
Capitol Strategy Consultants, Inc.
46 Draper Circle
Stafford, Virginia 22554-4754

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