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June 20, 2008
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Several years ago my youngest son Joseph did a great science experiment with chicken bones and various soda pops. The idea was to see what type of soda had the worst effect on the bones. Of course he had to research to prove that his experiment had social value, so he found several studies on humans and bone loss. The most memorable one was a Harvard study showing bone loss in teenage girls after a mere 3-6 weeks of drinking soda pop.

Most Naturopaths, his mother included, concurred with the Harvard study, that the phosphoric acid in soda causes the bone damage. For this reason Joe tested several brands of soda, some with sugar, some sugar free, and even a popular 'natural' soda with no phosphoric acid. To our great surprise, the diet drinks and the 'natural' soda did as much damage, and as quickly, as the colas!

The one soda commonality was high fructose corn syrup. We've known for years that the workers in the corn syrup factory have to replace their boots every six months; the sticky sweetness just eats them up. Apparently it eats up the bones just as well! It reminds me of a cartoon in the Sentinel a couple summers ago where one fellow says to the other "I have discovered a diabolical new weapon that will destroy America... high fructose corn syrup." The next caption shows newspaper headlines about the US Obesity Epidemic, Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc, (and the fellow holding up a cola).

Clearly this is a deadly ingredient to avoid, followed closely by dyes (anything with a color and a #), artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and bad fat like hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

America demonized fat for a long time, eating man-made processed oils over natural butter and olive oil. We believed food manufacturers who touted the fat free craze. As a result of eating fat free, America got fatter and the diabetes epidemic exploded. Now researchers have reversed their position, saying that we need to avoid damaged fat, but not all fat. Food manufacturers are pulling a fast one, as they label 'no trans fat' on the front of the package, but list hydrogenated fat on the back.

Remember that anything hydrogenated is trans fat, and that there is no safe level. Reducing the serving size of fish crackers does not make them a safe food!

We need to eat like it matters. The body recreates itself continually, based on the nutrients that come in the mouth. There is no magic, but we are 'fearfully and wonderfully made' (Psalm 139:14) and 'created in His image' (Genesis 1:27), and if we defile ourselves we will be destroyed! (I Corinthians 3:16-17) It seems pretty clear to me. :)

Avoiding chemicals and processed foods in the diet is probably the best favor you can do for yourself. Don't kid yourself, the food is only cheap and fast for a short time, you will pay the price eventually. Regular cleansing of the body is a close runner up to eating well because with perfect nutrition and perfect elimination there would be no disease.

The best time for cleansing is the spring and fall, and summer works well because of all the fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Begin with Clean Start; do yourself a favor and try the wild berry flavor. Follow that with a couple rounds of Para Cleanse, and for the serious, follow that with Tiao He Cleanse for the liver and blood.

Next you'll want to introduce Food Enzymes, a good Probiotic Eleven, and a great multi vitamin pack like Super Trio. This pre-packaged formula contains a food-based vitamin and mineral blend; Super Supplemental, Super Omega 3 for the correct fats, and Super ORAC; antioxidant to protect from endo & exotoxins. (Inside and outside the body)

Koryo Hand Therapy (KHT) is the method for immediate pain relief and we are amazed! Done on the hands with pellets instead of needles, clients continue the therapy at home. Herbs and nutrition build energy, but it can be slow, so this is nice! We are also now using Terra Quant super pulsed laser therapy. Joe had a bad injury just before school was out last week; we were sure it was a fracture, but the x-ray didn't show one. Using KHT & cold laser for three days in a row; the crutches went back to the store! These new therapies can help you too.

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