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February 12, 2007
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

We met Dr. Gordon Pederson at convention in Costa Mesa. In case you haven't heard of him, he is the doctor who wrote the case studies for the bird flu for our government. He has been documenting the results of using Nature's Sunshine Colloidal Silver for Strep, Staph, Pneumonia, Herpes, Flu, Anthrax, E.Coli, Virus, Bacteria, Parasite, all Microbes, and is presenting his research to Congress for Bird Flu next month.

Did You Know that Nature's Sunshine Colloidal Silver is the only non-toxic silver on the market and has an EPA safety rating? EPA # K 043106 Did you know that NSP Silver has even cured Malaria and reversed antibiotic resistance, even deadly MRSA? Did You Know that NSP has a patent (not pending) on the process? Patent # 7135195 Dr Pederson gave a radio program right from the hotel we stayed in, and I hope to have the CD's available for you.

Nattozymes were the hot topic, along with other NSP enzymes like Protease Plus and Hi-Potency Protease (protein, between meal metabolic enzyme for tissue repair, anti-inflammatory, and to break the protein coating on abnormal cell walls), SOD w/ Gliadin (powerful free radical scavenger, can't get into the system without the Gliadin coating, so don't be fooled by other forms), Hi-Lipase (fat digestion), Lactase Plus (milk), PDA (protein digestive aid), Food Enzymes (broad-spectrum w/ Bromelain and HCl), and Proactazyme Plus (plant source, digestion; broad-spectrum is more important than # of enzymes) It was fun to watch Lynda Hammons' live demonstration comparing other brands to NSP. (Nature's Sunshine has formerly steered away from naming others.)

Stiff, burning hands are often the result of fibrin, as are thick blood and blood clots. Nattokinase has been the accepted norm, however, it comes from soy that also contains vitamin K, causing clotting! NSP Nattozymes combine heart health herbs with non-soy Natto for the circulatory system. It is self-regulating and self-limiting, you can't overdo it! Think Memory, Dementia, Alzheimers, Stroke, Kidney Function, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, anywhere the spider web of fibrin may have affected the tissue. You must take metabolic enzymes between meals for full effect. This means one hour before or two hours after a meal.

Consumer Reports March 2007 issue; "Angioplasty: Resist the Rush" tells us that "angioplasty saves lives only when done shortly after a heart attack, and that lifestyle changes - diet and exercise - ...are usually the best first treatment for angina; that's a safer approach that can prolong life�.a third or more of all angioplasties in the US are performed when other approaches, usually more conservative, would have been more appropriate."

It goes on to say that heart disease is "now viewed as a pervasive process, affecting the entire web of coronary arteries, that can often be controlled or even reversed by noninvasive treatment. But many cardiologists still see the disease as a high-tech plumbing problem, involving isolated blockages that require angioplasty."

CT coronary angiography is highly publicized and can pinpoint artery blockages without invasive methods, but many experts say the benefits are overblown and are outweighed by the risks. New stents, used in 80% of all insertions, are coated with a cocktail of medications; "several studies now suggest that the risk of a potentially deadly blood clot at the site of a coated stent�possibly increases the risk of heart attack and death". The article also mentions using Omega 3 fatty acids to inhibit clotting.

It seems to me that Nattozymes, correct diet, Super Omega 3, exercise and perhaps oral chelation with Mega-Chel would be the sane answer to this health situation, and we've had a lot of great results with no health risk. If some arteries are blocked, all arteries are blocked, and taking care of only a few is ignoring the rest.

Remember that a good diet is whole food, not low fat, not processed food, plenty of good fats like coconut, avocado and raw nuts and seeds, two fruits and plenty of veggies every day, and lay off the sugar, chemicals, and fried food!

The next Untold Truth seminar in Pleasanton on March 3, 2007 will focus on the Chinese Traditional Formulas for half the day, plus two other topics. This training is only $20.00, including class materials, and is invaluable for novices and professionals alike.

Call customer service at 1-800-223-8225 to sign up.

I couldn't help it; turn the page for more news....

We finally had Dr. Kim teach us about Nature's Fresh. As you know, her PhD is in biochemistry and she is not concerned that the label of the product states cleaning, spot removing and deodorizing spray. She looks at the ingredients and tells us that this is a powerful oxido reductase blend of six categories of enzymes which build communication pathways. Apparently this is the material your discs are made of, and abnormal states of it build up tumor, cancer, and fibrocystic conditions. These systemic enzymes take abnormalities apart so your body can flush them. Yes, she means internal use, between meals:

  • Drink 1 tsp 2xday, more w/fibro conditions (4-5 tsp/day)
  • Dilute with saline and colloidal silver for nasal spray
  • Similar action as Proactazyme, but absorbed quicker
  • Periodontal rinse to regenerate gum tissue (2-3 x/day)
    • External spray for back, muscles, sunburn, rash
    • Colloidal Minerals w/ Nature's Fresh spray on top
    • Chiropractors have reported improved scoliosis

With osteo conditions and for bone health add good fats to the diet; Super Omega 3, Super GLA, DHA, and B-12 liquid under the tongue to put Calcium back into solution.

I make eyewash with Saline, Colloidal Silver and a small amount of Nature's Fresh (just till it stings) :)

For you baking enthusiasts, xylitol will be available in bulk next Monday....probably by the time you get this newsletter. The NSP xylitol is not extracted from wood, so no harsh solvents, utilizes only non-GMO corn, and is tested for aflatoxin. (Untested products could damage the liver) No corn proteins remain after extraction so it's non-allergic as well. According to Dr. John Duarte, Xylitol binds with calcium to help reestablish enamel and bone.

Dr. Pederson tells us that this non-GMO xylitol is non-reactive to the sugar coating on cancer cells, as opposed to highly reactive sugars and other brands of alternatives. Yes, now you can have your cake and eat it too! For Xylitol recipes see our web page under resources, recipes.

Did you know our government requires our soldiers to chew xylitol gum? Yes, I think they know that sugar destroys the immune system as well as the teeth.

Dr. Duarte reports that the Nature's Sunshine chocolate does not cause acne, actually improves the thickness and hydration of the skin, and reduces plaque and diarrhea. Eating more chocolate is advice I can swallow!

The Nature's Sunshine chocolate is un-processed, so it actually provides ORAC (anti-oxidant) value. The average American gets a daily ORAC from fruits and veggies of 5724, while one NSP chocolate bar provides 4860! (The USDA recommends 7-9 fruits and veggies, the ORAC of two NSP chocolate bars.)

The kind of anti-oxidant is equally important, and the ones in cocoa protect the heart and blood vessels and prevent coagulation. Cocoa is high in Nitric Oxide, which improves circulation. Chocolate, according to Dr. Duarte, has more antioxidant than any food ever tested by the USDA.

A clinical trial of 470 men (average 70 years old) eating 4.2 grams of (unprocessed) cocoa per day had

  • 50% fewer Cardio Vascular deaths and
  • 40% fewer deaths by any cause

Perhaps this is because chocolate generates good emotions like Love, Joy, Happiness, elevates Mood and Reduces Hunger. It even reduces miscarriages by 70% in underweight women. Babies who are born to chocolate eating moms (in a study of 300 women) are happier and have less fear!

I know I love it, it makes me happy, and I'm not afraid :)

Chocolate lovers will be happy to know that the NSP chocolate now ships with your regular order, no more additional fees! In the summer months it will still be shipped separately in the Styrofoam boxes, but at no extra charge.

As always, we're here to help, and if you do not want this newsletter, please drop a note or give a call.

God's Richest Blessings, Pat

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