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December 2, 2007
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Your health freedom is once again being undermined, probably without your knowledge. We have until the end of this year to send letters to Governor Schwarzenegger to avoid having raw milk banned in California through bill AB 1735. If you understand the importance of using raw milk please make copies of this letter for your California friends and family to be signed and sent in. If you don't use raw milk, please send out the letters for the sake of keeping our health choices alive, along with our food!

Staph is everywhere you turn these days, and MRSA is taking limbs, tissues and lives. Silver Shield is the new name for the old Colloidal Silver, and it has been shown in multiple clinical trials to destroy the deadly MRSA. This was once known as the 'flesh eating virus', or 'necrotic bacteria'. Our military leaders have begun stockpiling this new technology silver to prevent soldiers' losing limbs to MRSA. We recommend you stockpile some for yourself.

This is not your Grandma's silver! This is nano particle, water dispersion, 100% silver sol, safe and effective for internal and long-term use. The old silvers were large colloids, which could build up in the tissues and cause irreversible graying of the skin. These large molecules could destroy one microbe each. The new silver regenerates over and over, destroys far more than its molecular weight, only destroys the bad bacteria, and is in such a small concentration that it would never build up in the tissues even if we didn't excrete 99% of it.

Our family is never without it; we spray it on our faces when we travel, we use it up our nose for sinus infection, in our eyes for eye infection, in our ears for ear infection, we gargle and swallow it for sore throats and it works almost instantly. The trick is to get the silver in contact with the microbe for a sufficient amount of time, usually 3-6 minutes. It must be taken multiple times per day for internal use, to get it into the blood stream where the microbes are (bacteria, virus, mold, parasites, fungus).

I make a spray of Herbal Trim, Nature's Fresh, Silver Shield, Tea Tree and Lavender. Initially created for burns, it seems to heal any sort of wound without the sting of antibacterial sprays. It's great for kids! My recipe was featured in the Nature's Sunshine Products Manager Tip newsletter, and here it is:

In a 2 oz spray bottle, place
1 Tbsp Herbal Trim
15 drops Nature's Sunshine Lavender
15 drops Nature's Sunshine Tea Tree Oil
Fill halfway with Nature's Fresh, and top off with Silver Shield. We call this "The Spray" and we use it for everything from athlete's foot to sunburn, infants to aged.

Remember to use the silver internally and externally for colds, flu, infection and prevention. If you're already in a resistant state, Silver Shield will make bacteria more susceptible to antibiotics, meaning you will have to use less antibiotics, and they will finally be effective.

Nature's Sunshine has been using the new formula for the past two years, so if your bottle says Colloidal Silver and is less than two years old, it is the new safe silver. The name didn't change until the patent was complete.

What's new at Scotts Valley Natural Health?

Come by and meet our new partner, Priscilla Higgins. She comes with 17 years experience doing facials and massage, and we're very happy to welcome her to our Natural Health Team!

We'd like to take a moment to tell you how much we have appreciated being a part of your life, especially this past year. We're looking forward to seeing you next year, so be sure to make your next appointment before the rush of 'New Years' Resolutions!

Love, Pat, Ilene, and Priscilla

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