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August 13, 2007
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Cancer is getting a lot of attention lately, and I am seeing more and more cancer in my office and among peers. I suppose being a baby boomer puts me right in the thick of things, and also creates an interest in getting and staying well. I used the Paw Paw therapy a couple years ago when my CEA was elevated (a cancer marker in the blood) and have helped several people with it since.

We formerly addressed abnormal cell growth (cancer) with higher doses of the same nutrients that we used to prevent it. Paw Paw makes that protocol obsolete. In fact several oncologists remarked that the antioxidants (in the old protocol) would indeed protect the cancer from the chemotherapy they used. (They were right, but we felt we needed to protect the body from the chemotherapy!)

About half of us will fight cancer in our lifetime, and all of us will know someone who will. Learn as much as you can about this wonderful therapy which includes four main supports: Nature's Noni Juice, Nature's Immune Stimulator, Hi Potency Protease, and of course Paw Paw Cell Reg. See the Paw Paw Protocol for more information.

I've included a hand out on the Paw Paw Protocol, as well as a Tree of Light Institute information sheet. Read the newssheet and then share the information with someone it will make a difference to.

One cancer which has us racing for a new vaccine (yes, vaccines are always a bad idea) is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV. Parents are being encouraged to vaccinate their young girls against this virus, with a new and virtually untested serum. This makes all my red flags wave. I fear we will see an epidemic like we've never seen before.

What if we're causing a new outbreak of a sexually transmitted disease? One comment on the Internet was, "To give a vaccine for a disease solely spread by sexual behavior before the age of 18 is to condone statutory rape." I say let grown women make the choice to inject a combination of 4 proteins of cancer plus enough Aluminum to confuse you. Merck is making a lot of money on this one, but not all cervical cancer is the result of HPV! (Check the National Vaccine Information Center)

A better idea? Strengthen the immune system rather than assault the immune system; VS-C (TCM) is a powerful anti-viral blend developed by Dr. Zhe and hospital tested for three years before Nature's Sunshine was offered the patent. This works for all types of virus, including Herpes I & II.

Did you know that most of our polio was a result of the vaccine? (Cournoyer, 1995) Yet we're still singing the praises of Jonas Salk. In nature, humans develop immunity to what we're exposed to. It takes time and those with a poor lifestyle suffer the most, but without exception every disease was on the decline before the vaccine was developed, and the vaccination caused an outbreak far more devastating than all the years of disease combined.

In our area there is an outbreak of whooping cough, being blamed of course on the unvaccinated children. This is not what the records show, however, most cases of the disease are in vaccinated children.

Remember when we called them inoculations? Well, we can't anymore because they don't prevent disease at all; they just introduce a chronic case of the disease. Hence the name vaccine, or vaccination. Think of the immune confusion when you constantly bombard your body with chronic disease. Now it makes a lot more sense where all the Hashimotos Thyroiditis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia, and Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis, and Type I Diabetes, and Scleroderma, and Chronic Fatigue are coming from, just to name a few. 'Weakening of the immune system with vaccinations results in increased susceptibility to virtually every type of illness'. (Balch and Balch, 2000)

As always, I don't expect you to take my word for it, I like to give you references. The best web page I've seen on vaccinations is written by a nurse with no affiliations, with no income from any party, and is therefore unbiased. It's also easy to maneuver; giving a nice grid where you click on any vaccine you want more information about:

(Updated 3-14-07 by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny)

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