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October 22, 2006
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

China is a wonderful place to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to live there. I no longer have any fears about the Bird Flu, the SARS virus, or anything else coming out of that part of the world. It's our lifestyle that will protect us from the plagues of the world, not a vaccination! The crush of people is unbelievable, and the sanitation is... well, mostly non-existent. The simple flush toilet is not yet mastered in most parts of China. We saw children being 'potty' trained by allowing (and encouraging) them to urinate in the streets and on the sidewalks, even in Tien An Men Square! (I noticed that some significantly older folks still maintained the behavior) The smell of urine in public I don't miss. (I saw no littering anywhere; must be a law against that :) Toddler clothes are fashioned to expose the bare bottom, and I didn't see a single diaper. I suppose this saves millions of tons of disposable diapers in a landfill, but wouldn't it be great if the bathrooms were clean enough to train a child to 'go' indoors? I left feeling like I understood why bad diseases come from there, and curious about the dichotomy between the sanitation and the claiming of Feng Shui. Seems like cleaner would be more peaceful.

I loved the shopping; the jade market, the lacquer furniture factory, the silk factory, the cloisonn´┐Ż factory, and the fact that Chinese herbs are available anywhere, packaged or in bulk, even in the airports! Too bad they weren't up to Nature's Sunshine's standards. One package of Chrysanthemum flowers was crawling with bugs even though hermetically sealed.

On the positive side, it was great to study Chinese Herbs with Chinese Doctors. One of my favorites was Dr. Song, who spent a few weeks studying Nature's Sunshine Products before we got there. He went as far as to say, "If I collapse on the journey, please cure me with nothing but Nature's Sunshine!" After we went to the outdoor herb market I understood why. You could literally buy anything, including beetle carcasses, dried snake, and dried lizard 'on a stick'. The herbs were being dried on not-so-clean cloths right on the streets, and flies were abundant. Linda Hammons, head of the Quality Assurance at Nature's Sunshine was right there shaking her head with the rest of us. I will never again use a Chinese Herb that hasn't gone through Nature's Sunshine's Quality Assurance laboratory.

None of those products would have passed the Prop 65 standards, and now you understand the warning sticker that Chinese products bear in the state of California! Buyers beware. Only Nature's Sunshine's TCM Chinese Formulas comply with this standard.

The Chinese have been using and documenting herbal medicine for 5,000 years, way before Jesus walked the earth. Most of the treatments aren't 'remedies', that is Western thinking, and remedy herbs are considered inferior. Treatments are geared toward balancing the body, with superior herbs, as a balanced body will not be in dis-tress or dis-ease. In their hospitals they combine the East and the West. Acute conditions (heart attack, broken bones, stitches, trauma) are dealt with using surgery and drugs. Chronic conditions (allergies, asthma, arthritis, gout, heart disease, bowel disorders, ulcers, gastritis, pain, fibromyalgia, fatigue, osteoporosis, cancer, blood pressure, etc.) get herbal medicines and never get treated with surgery or drugs. (If the Chinese had sanitation they would have even greater success :) )

In our country the hospital only gives one choice, and pretends that the medical choice isn't killing more people than it saves.

What's the good news? Steven Horne has once again simplified the entire Chinese Herb Line, and has written a new Untold Truth Module, including CD, brochure, and booklet. I've just ordered quite a few, so they will be available through our office or directly from Sound Concepts if our office isn't convenient for you. I will teach this in a future class, look for it under 'What's New' and 'Class Schedule' at

What's the really great news? We are having another Untold Truth Seminar right here in San Jose on November 18, 2006. Two of the new topics will be taught; Whole Body Cleansing, and Raising Children Naturally, along with four of the old favorites. Registration is only $20.00, and includes all class materials for the full day. Register today, and let our office know if you're interested in a ride share, we will leave in carpools from here that Saturday morning.

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