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May 12, 2006
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Remember when they outlawed MSG?
Remember why? The side effects of MSG were determined, even by those who don't have your best interests at heart, to be so detrimental to human life that it was outlawed as a food additive. The story doesn't stop there, because it is still in most of the foods America consumes every day. MSG stands for Monosodium Glutamate and some food manufacturers are bold enough to spell it out in the ingredients list. Mind you that they avoid saying MSG because that substance is illegal.

Other names for Monosodium Glutamate include 'natural flavor' or 'hydrolyzed vegetable protein', and it is in all fast foods and many chain restaurants in abundance. That is really what the 'Cheeseburger Bill' is all about. I used to think that of course people should be responsible for their food choices, and that it wasn't fault of the food provider if people chose to overeat, but now I realize that it's like the tobacco industry with their added nicotine. When a company adds chemicals to a product that are directly responsible for disease, sickness and death solely for the purpose of creating addiction to sell more products, that should be punishable by law. The "Cheeseburger Bill" will protect giant corporations from those seeking restitution, and guarantee that they will never change their evil ways or provide decent foods.

You'll never guess the other news about MSG!
MSG is the substance scientists use to fatten up rodents on purpose. They drive mice and rats to obesity to use them for clinical trials on overweight. Rodents do not naturally become obese, and scientists have figured out that MSG does the job nicely. Yes, the chemicals in the foods you eat will make you fat and unhappy�so don't eat them! Eat organic :)
(Read 'The Slow Poisoning of America' by John Erb)

Still worried about the bird flu?
I got an offer a few weeks ago, a faxed invitation to buy stock in what is considered to be the up and coming guaranteed investment of our generation�the bird flu vaccine! Of course it's all about the money, don't be sucked in to the scare tactics. Strengthen your immune system; eat high quality fruits and veggies, use your supplements and Probiotics and stay off the sugar and you have nothing to fear.

A recent newsletter by Dr. Hohn cited the following statistics:

Bird flu statistics:
  • The bird flu has been around in Vietnam for 9 years and only 100 people have died...not quite a pandemic.
  • The bird flu primarily affects birds, and only birds like commercially raised chickens will get sick. So eat organic. :)
  • Big money corporations in America have decided that Tamiflu will be a good preventive, though most scientists question its efficacy even against the common flu.
  • The base of Tamiflu is crushed Aniseed, and Roche Labs controls 90% of the world's production of this tree.
  • Gilead Sciences bought the patent for Tamiflu in 1996 from Roche Laboratories.
  • Donald Rumsfeld was president of Gilead Sciences at the time and is still a major shareholder....yes, one and the same as our current day Secretary of Defense...coincidence?
  • Sales of Tamiflu in 2004 = 254 million dollars
  • Sales of Tamiflu in 2005 = over 1 billion dollars
  • Sales of Tamiflu if the business of fear continues?
It's not hard to figure out why it's still in the news. The same people who own stock in the pharmaceutical industry own the newspapers and television. (Read Kevin Trudeau)

Keep in mind that this medicine does not do so much as cure the common flu, and we are being herded into a mass scare of the bird flu just to make someone a lot of money. Immune Stimulator, Seasonal Defense, or Defense Maintenance would all be better choices, and Colloidal Silver is renowned for its ability to fight all kinds of virus and bacteria.

The Herbal Task Force
Is meeting on Monday nights at 5:30PM. We are learning to rely on natural therapies to minimize the need for medicine with all its side effects. The group is focused on the Untold Truth Series with plenty of live input. (This class is for your questions) Dinner is provided and there is no charge for the class, location depends on class size so call (831) 440-9935 to confirm. (Please note that the class is 'fragrance free')

Natural Food Preparation
Classes are on the first Saturday of each month at 2:00PM. Class is limited to 10 people and the fee is $25.00. Beginning with the July class we will do an appetizer, a main course and a dessert at each class.

Find directions on the website: and look under 'What's New'
Or call (831) 440-9935 to register.

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