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March 31, 2006
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.


April 29th is the date of the next Untold Truth seminar in Walnut Creek. Mark the day on your calendar; it's well worth it! Need a sponsor? Use Patricia Adams, account # 1121470-8. Not local? Call for classes in your area.

May 6th will be our next cooking class, with the focus on nuts and seeds, soaking and sprouting, salads and healthy appetizers.

June 3rd will be the final cooking class of this series, and will focus on healthy pies, muffins and desserts.

Class topics are subject to change without notice, and all will be held at the 'old firehouse' at 41 Sims Road in Santa Cruz. Call to sign up, $25.00 per class.

From Santa Cruz and South:
Take Hwy 17 North to Pasatiempo exit; go right to the stop, then left toward Sims Road. This will wind around and take you under the freeway, approx. 2 miles to the stop sign at Sims Road. Take a left, and the first left is Firehouse Lane. We are on the corner of Sims Road and Firehouse Lane.

From Scotts Valley and North:
Take Hwy 17 South to Sims Road exit, go left at stop, then right on Sims Road. The first left is Firehouse Lane; we are on the corner of Sims Road and Firehouse Lane.

Our friend Pamela filmed the last class for us, so don't despair if you missed it, we will have DVD's available for sale in the office.

Vaccinations continue to grieve me, and the more I read and research the more I regret some of the decisions I made for my children and myself. I personally was infected with SV40 from a contaminated Polio virus when I was a child, and I believe this has been the number one factor in the autoimmune challenges I face as an adult.

I realize now that my diet while pregnant and the choices I made to vaccinate were the causative factors in the asthma and the insulin resistance that our children face.

Statistics show that MMR alone is responsible for many cases of childhood type I diabetes, as well as ADD/ADHD. The medical profession admits that type I diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, but what they do not commonly reveal is that most autoimmune disorders are triggered by childhood vaccinations. The remainders are caused from chemical laden foods and environment.

DPT has always been a dangerous combination, triggering the worst reactions, brain swelling and sudden infant death syndrome. Research all the information before you vaccinate yourselves or your children. Your kids trust you to protect them. Google search 'death from vaccine' and prepare to be shocked.

The combination vaccines are triggering all sorts of insulin resistance (type II diabetes) as well. Think about whether the illness you're immunizing against will kill your child. I had measles, mumps, chicken pox, and am now immune for life. The healthiest kids I know are not vaccinated, and don't let your friends or school intimidate your convictions. If vaccines worked the vaccinated children would have nothing to fear from an unvaccinated child, and did you know that your waiver or refusal to vaccinate becomes the vaccination record? Don't be bullied into performing a science experiment!

America is the only civilized nation that routinely vaccinates an infant child before their immune system is developed enough to possibly fight back. The European nations that do not require immunizations are far healthier. There the choice to vaccinate begins at 2 years of age, the vaccines are not in combination, and are spread out over longer periods of time. Our adult population now faces the onslaught of flu vaccines, and the story is frighteningly similar. The worst cases of flu I see are in vaccinated people. Already vaccinated? Homeopathic Vaccine Detox can help rid the residues.

The Untold Truth seminar is filled with valuable information about true prevention, and is the most reasonably priced education you'll ever get! Call today!

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