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March 5, 2006
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Ever notice that all the best diagnoses end with "itis"?
Arthritis...(you thought joint pain)
Plantar Facitis... (You thought foot pain) Bursitis... (You thought shoulder pain)
Sinusitis... (You thought sinus pain)
Colitis... (You thought colon pain)

The 'itis' is a fancy Latin term for inflammation and inflammation is the basis of the pain you may or may not feel. Inflammation, (cell mediated response) is now known to be at the root of all disease. Leave out none, be it virus, parasite, bacteria, pain, cancer, diabetes or heart disease, inflammation is responsible.

Where does it come from? Toxicology plays a big part; artificial and synthetic foods and medications, environmental toxins like pesticides and herbicides, and our own natural by products of digestion�but that's not all�Chronic long-term stress can be just as responsible, and when you've dealt with all the other factors (i.e. tissue cleansing, parasite cleansing, getting medication free, refusing vaccines, eating only organic, and throwing out your microwave oven) you must do something about the stress in your life.

We attended a great "slaying your dragons" seminar which dealt with hidden lies that we tell ourselves, often left over from childhood, and using flower remedies to over come them�but simply learning to inhale and exhale properly can be quite helpful.

Most singers know how to belly breathe, but the average person chest breathes. Have someone sit knee-to-knee facing you with his or her hands on your shoulders and take a nice long inhale. If your shoulders go up you are chest breathing. Practice inhaling through the nose into your diaphragm (just above your navel) until the shoulders no longer rise.

Now work on the long slow exhale through the mouth. When you think you've exhaled all, exhale some more, and some more, and yet more. Practice holding all the air out, just for a second or two, then slowly begin to inhale through the nose again. The first few times you will suck air back in quickly, but keep practicing. You can even manage your own blood pressure with this controlled breathing. It is a great tool just before you step into a stressful situation, or to regain control if you're already in one. 'Waiting to exhale' is the state of most of my clients and my response is 'Don't hold your breath'!

Any protocol that does not address inflammation is incomplete. There are two great new products that deal very effectively with both long-term and acute inflammation. IF Relief is great for the kind of long-term chronic inflammation you may not even realize (the silent killer), and Nature's Phenyltol w/NEM is the new pain (acute inflammation) formula. These two formulas are interchangeable, and I don't mean to limit them to one category or the other, for example Steven got tooth pain relief with IF Relief (and nothing kills tooth pain!). Give them a try, save yourself the grief of long-term medication.

Finally a cooking class! For those of you who have patiently waited I am going to teach a cooking class in my home periodically. The first one is March 18th and you must sign up in advance. The limit will be 10 people in my 'not yet finished house' and the price will be 25.00 to cover supplies. We will do a main course, a dessert, one aromatherapy blend, and a 'topic' nutrition training.

The Townsend letter for doctors has printed a great article about the bird flu and Colloidal Silver. If you have it in your herb cupboard from the last newsletter you are already ahead of the game. By the time the vaccine is complete, the virus will have already shifted (the shape shifters on X-men are no competition) and more people will get the flu from the vaccine than are protected. For your own safety, step away from the vaccines! (google search 'death from vaccines' for more information)

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