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August 25, 2006
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

National Convention in Dallas turned out to be the best convention since Nashville in 2002. Not only was Gary Null even better in person than in his books, but Nature's Sunshine launched several exciting new products...and you must look online at to check out the funniest motivational speaker ever, Amanda Gore.

Natto has long been known in Japan to reduce Heart Disease and Blood Clots, but the FDA would not approve Nattokinase. I tried to eat Natto in sushi, but it tasted horrible! Nature's Sunshine has once again proved to be the industry leader (without offending the FDA) with Nattozymes Plus. These enzymes can be absorbed through the gut wall, unlike the larger Nattokinase, and NSP has added a blend of botanicals (herbs) with known cardiovascular properties. Use these enzymes between meals to address thick blood (think alternative to aspirin for clotting and high blood pressure), and inflammation. Regulating inflammatory hormones and cytokines can address every disease known to man. Dr. Nena Dockery cautions against using Nattozymes with prescription blood thinners, but feels it may be an even better way to regulate blood flow without the harmful side effects of drugs.

Dr. Hugo Rodier introduced the NSP Glyco Essentials. Long a champion of eating well, you may best know him for the statement "I will not see a patient until he/she is off of sugar for a month!" Nature's Sunshine recognizes the importance of correcting the cell membrane destruction and mitochondrial 'leaking' responsible for so much disease and fatigue today. Money driven medicine will never repair the damage, and Business Week tells us that 80% of our medical treatment has no evidence whatsoever that it works, and calls it Medical Guesswork. Heal the cell membrane to allow hormones and nutrients access to the mitochondria, reverse most known disease, and increase energy! Glycobiology has just taken a huge step forward!

Dr. Rodier teaches that eating correct sugars and correct proteins will prevent DNA destruction, and change our genetic outcomes. I have been suspicious of abnormal cell growth with other glyconutrients, and have recommended food source glyconutrients such as Noni and Thai Go instead. Now Nature's Sunshine has produced phyto-nutrient based Glyco Essentials including FOS as a pre-biotic, and it is completely safe for all uses!

Dr. William Keller tells us that clinical trials at the Cancer Screening and Treatment Center are showing Glyco Essentials to be well tolerated, very compatible, and to enhance the immune response in patients, which is one of the keys to fighting cancer. Dr. Rodier's new book is called Sweet Death, and I recommend everyone give it a read.

Chocolate (dark of course) has been found to have 1,000 times more ORAC (antioxidant) value than oranges. We women always knew that, but we also knew the sugar in the chocolate was counteracting some of the benefits. Well, the greatest news of all is that Nature's Sunshine is now producing Nature's Sweet Life making high quality Xylitol products, including two flavors of Dark Chocolate!

Xylitol, pronounced with a 'Z' sound, has been shown to reduce dental decay, is much safer than fluoride, has an alkaline response in the body, increases energy through the NADDH glycogen pathway, is a natural antimicrobial, and even stabilizes the enamel on the teeth! It is approved by the FDA in unlimited quantities, has a glycemic index of 7 rather than the 87 of sugar, 0 net carbs, and gives sustained energy rather than the buzz and crash of sugar.

My caution for years was that quote by Rebecca Woods in the Whole Foods Encyclopedia warning us of the wood sources of xylitol. (It was initially a safe birch bark sugar, but of course became a by product of the plywood industry as it became more popular.) NSP uses plant source xylitol from the husks of non-GMO great is that!

We got to sample and order Mouthwash, Nasal Spray with grapefruit seed extract, Chewing Gum in two flavors; Cinnamon and Spearmint, two flavors of Breath Mints; Lemon and Peppermint, two flavors of Chocolate; Calcium Crunch, and Natural Raspberry. Even those who don't usually like dark chocolate love these, and they're so tasty you can't believe they're good for you! I haven't chewed gum in many years because it sticks to my dental work....I mean really sticks.... I've tried them all and it just isn't worth it. Imagine how I felt when the new Xylitol gum didn't stick and tasted yummy. You have got to try these new products, and they are available now!

I usually try to keep these newsletters to just one page, but it just wouldn't fit, so turn the page for more good news!

Chinese Herbs are enjoying a lot of spotlight! We attended a full day class on Chinese Herbal Energetics with Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa (KP for short) and Steven Horne, AHG, and then a half-day class with some of the Naturopaths from Nature's Sunshine (who've made the whole thing simpler and easier to understand!)

Bill and I felt compelled to try the new TCM concentrated Chinese formulas, and began as soon as we returned from convention. The very next day I felt renewed energy and stamina (it had been a long time since I actually felt any difference with my program.) Bill notices that he has no body pain, and he'd always felt pain when we tried changing his protocol before.

The Chinese protocol is simple; you use either the 7 positive formulas or the 7 negative formulas for three months, and then switch for three months. The formulas are taken only in the morning, one capsule of each. This simple protocol will balance the body, and we know that a balanced body will not exhibit dis-ease! How simple is that!

To qualify Chinese protocols for 90 day challenge use
Positive pack stock # 13590-7
Negative pack stock # 13589-6

I will be teaching these principles in the Monday night classes until we leave for China in October. Look at for a calendar of upcoming classes. (Remember that classes are free, start at 5:30PM, and include dinner! Call to reserve your spot and verify location.)

Upcoming Events include:

Top Achiever Club (TAC trip) to China
October 8-20, 2006 Beijing, Lijiang, Xian, and Shanghai

2 for 1 special at Leader's Conference This means that one Manager pays and one Manager goes for free! This conference is a meeting of the minds with round table discussions from Naturopaths the world over.
February 8-11, 2007 in Costa Mesa, CA for all Managers.

Rising Star Experience for all NEW Star managers (who hold the rank for six months) will be paid by Nature's Sunshine. This hands-on manufacturing tour changed our perspective last year. The quality other companies hint at is exceeded at Nature's Sunshine, and they will prove it to you! Buy-in space will be available for all Managers of all ranks.
April 18-22, 2007 in Provo/Spanish Fork, Utah

35th Anniversary National Convention Cruise
My kids said they are definitely attending this one. Imagine cruising to Haiti, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Mexico as you learn! At sea days will be packed with informative sessions and workshops. Check with NSP for ways to win this trip or find out how to buy-in, but be aboard!

October 21-28, 2007 Labadee, Haiti, George Town, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico.

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