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August 10, 2002
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Did you know that it is now possible to detect conditions in the body before you have a symptom? This is what Iridology practitioners have known for thousands of years. There is even evidence that Iridology was used in ancient Egypt from the hieroglyphics on the walls.

Now, we have a more scientific approach called Biological Terrain Assessment. This measures saliva and urine, and tells us what is going on in the interstitial fluid of the body. Until now, only doctors could use this type of equipment, but Dr. Robert Greenberg has made it possible for Natural Health Practitioners to utilize it as well. We can obtain the same information about body systems, without the added concern of drawing blood, because plasma (the watery part of blood) has the same pH as saliva, and urine is filtered blood!

Dr. Greenberg has designed the units for medical use for over 10 years. There is a long waiting list for this "testing", and it is very expensive. Now with the innovative and technologically advanced BTA S-100, we can give you the same results without the long wait, and it won't cost hundreds of dollars and a long journey.

If you haven't scheduled your first BTA appointment, or if it's been awhile since your last BTA, schedule yours today! The Chinese believe that the body goes through five "seasons" each year. Therefore it is wise to get an evaluation with each seasonal change.

Did you know
that there are over 80 toxins in pasteurized cow's milk? Compare that to 96 in each cigarette and it makes you wonder if milk is really doing a body good.

Often touted as the Pulitzer Prize of alternative journalism, a Project Censored Award was given to what was considered one of the most censored stories of 1999 - the connection between Crohn's disease and Paratuberculosis bacteria in milk. (Michael Greger, MD)

Discomforts associated with Crohn's disease include severe joint pains, weight loss, and lack of energy. The intestines become so deeply ulcerated that they take on a "cobblestone" appearance. The ulcers can eat right though the gut wall and cause bleeding, abscesses, fistulas, and perforation. In the words of one colorectal surgeon, "Crohn's is a surgical disease. We wait until the patient can no longer withstand the pain´┐Żand then we perform surgery...and repeated surgeries over time...ultimately, as recurrences happen and intestinal damage occurs, we just cut and cut, in some cases, until there is no more intestine that can be cut out."

This disease was renamed but not discovered by Crohn. In 1885 it was first discovered in cattle by H.A. Johne, and was called Johne's disease. It may also be responsible for the Mycobacterium Paratuberculosis, which leads to diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy.

Avoid all this with Rice or Nut milks! (If you must, use organic, raw, whole fat dairy! There is no 2% cow!)

Good Health and God Bless,
Patricia Adams CH, NHC, CDC

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