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Eating Guidelines
Eating Guidelines
By Patricia Adams, N.H.C.

Relax and Enjoy

Eat while eating, not while driving or attending to other matters. This will encourage the digestion mode. Undigested food is not nourishing to the body. Stress prepares you for challenge, not digestion, so light a candle, give thanks, at least pull over!

Chew Your Food (Don't overeat, minimize insulin production)

Chew each bite to a liquid paste; there are no teeth in your stomach. This gives your brain a chance to realize satiation and sense fullness, as well as increase mineral absorption. Enzymes are activated when you chew, and these particular enzymes only come from the saliva in the mouth. Drink liquids apart from meals; don't dilute the digestive juices. Stop eating when you are not quite full; an overfull stomach cannot process food, and undigested food becomes gas, bloating and intestinal distress, leading to allergies, parasites and immune suppression. Overeating also triggers insulin, which is your fat storing and inflammatory hormone. Six small meals are better than three large ones to balance blood sugar. Calorie restriction is the only factor leading to longer life in every clinical trial, because of the down-regulation of insulin!

Moderation and movement is the key to a long healthy life.

Eat Complex Carbs (Eat No White)

White foods create depletion; lacking the nutrients your body needs to process them, they rob your body stores of vitamins and minerals. White rice, pasta, potatoes, sugar, wheat, dairy, etc., burn quickly, increase insulin, and cause craving for more food. Soda pop is possibly the worst white sugar offender in this category, and don't be fooled by diet drinks. When the tongue tastes sweet, the body creates insulin, which quickly becomes cravings for more carbs! So balance all sugars, even fruit, with protein and fat. Avoid low-fat or non-fat products; these have more sugar, less nutrition, and less satisfaction.

Eat Your Colors (Natural of course)

Colorful foods; leafy greens, red peppers, blueberries, sweet potatoes, yellow squashes, etc., are nutrient and antioxidant rich, sustaining energy for a longer time and building immunity to disease. These are your protector/booster foods. Eat them whole, seasonal, fresh, organic, and as close to raw as possible. Eat what was in the Garden of Eden; what ran on the ground (not raised in a cage), swam in the sea (not a toxic fish farm), got picked off a tree, bush, or vine, or dug out of the ground (herbs and roots). Use only high quality, fully tested supplements.

Avoid Toxins (Eat Organic) (Use no chemicals)

Food additives are confusing to the brain, wreaking havoc with focus and memory. Many are neurotoxic, causing brain cell death. The chemicals and additives in packaged, processed and instant food are excitotoxic, causing addiction and overeating, triggering excess insulin. Avoid bottled teas and all carbonated beverages, as these have been shown to have multiple negative health effects. When your immune system is busy with chemicals in (food, medication, vaccines), on (perfumes, dyes, antiperspirants), and around your body (cleansers, sanitizers, antibacterial products, yard sprays), it can't fight disease such as cancer and diabetes. Some of the worst food chemicals are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, (margarine, Wesson, etc.) cottonseed oil, high fructose or other corn syrup, artificial color or flavor, artificial sweeteners (Splenda, Sucralose, Nutrasweet, Sweet-n-low, etc.), MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) or anything with a color and a #.
Realize that all roasted or toasted nuts are now trans fat, so eat them raw and organic.

Avoid Microwaves

Radiated food has been shown in multiple studies to cause cancer. Top researchers have known for years that microwaved food is a bad idea, yet most Americans aren't aware of the truth. Microwaving destroys nutrients and alters molecular structure so the brain doesn't recognize food. This 'non-food' then becomes a toxin for the liver to deal with later, and if it is overwhelmed with other dietary choices there is a real problem fighting disease and inflammation. Check it out before you nuke your food: ( or for more information; don't just take my word for it! Friends don't let friends microwave!